iWMS provides configurable and scalable warehouse management solutions to streamline your business.  We offer consultancy and HighJump software to help solve complex challenges.

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Why are you still struggling with:

   Stock write-offs, stock taking errors, picking errors?
   Coping with fluctuations in demand?
   Costly inflexible software updates?
   Inability to simulate and test “What if’s”

Our global supply chain solutions will address any challenge and improve efficiencies.


Warehouse Management Software

  Warehouse Management Systems
  eCommerce/Omnichannel Solutions
  Business Intelligence
  Inventory Optimisation


Warehouse Design Software

  Facility Layout and Design
  Visualisation & Conceptual Design Modelling
  Warehouse Process Simulation and Testing
  Analysis and Performance Metrics


Distribution Network Strategy Software

  Distribution Networking strategy
  Facility Location and Optimisation
  Vehicle Network Optimisation
  True Cost of Procurement

Complimentary Warehouse Performance Assessment

We will help you get up to date and set you on the right path
Industries and verticals we serve:

  Retail and Grocery
  Food & Beverage
  In-Store Fulfilment
  Automotive & Parts
  Omni-channel & eCommerce
  Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

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Why companies choose us

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Globally Skilled

Quality assurance

We offer 24/7 support

Speed to market

Our solutions library

What Clients Say

HighJump is the only provider with the solutions and expertise compatible with our 3PL business model. We tested two other providers prior to HighJump - neither had the adaptability to adjust to our and our customers’ requirements. With HighJump and iWMS, we’re on track to meet our business goals today and have the support to drive our success even further in the future.
Murray Griffin - Managing Director
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HighJump Retail Advantage will help us standardise processes, increase productivity and improve pick accuracy. The increased efficiency will enable us to scale more rapidly across our stores as our e-commerce operations keep growing. The solution includes valuable reporting tools that will deliver the key metrics management needs to make informed decisions.
Zoey Rylands - Head of Selling Operations
It became clear that to remain competitive in the 3PL marketplace, it was important for us to invest in an automated warehouse management system and become more profitable by improving and growing our overall business operations. We needed the WMS to give us inventory visibility so we could serve our customers in whatever manner they required. Our customers deserve the best service we can provide at the best price.
Cameron Doyle - Accountant

Some Of Our Clients

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